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NEAR Kenya

The NEAR KENYA HUNGER-THON is a virtual event aimed at uncovering possible solutions to the stated disaster.


The first edition of the hackathon engaged existing Web3 developers and onboarded Web2 builders to create solutions to tackle issues of food security and resilience for impacted communities in Kenya and the East African region.


All the solutions were built on NEAR Protocol. 



Solutions emerging from the hackathon sought to demonstrate direct impact use cases, with a priority on short term, and immediate action. 



The Core Hackathon Criteria

  • Idea
    Does the product address the prompt? Does the product introduce a new or unique approach or perspective?

  • Effectiveness
    Does the product function as intended? Does the product execute on its idea in a way that’s effective?

  • Technical Challenge
    Is the implementation complex? Does the product feature different parts? Does the product use interesting concepts or technologies?

  • Design
    Is the product aesthetically pleasing? Is the product easy to use? Does the design of the product elevate its function and original idea?


The Judges 

  1. Lilian Maingi, NEAR Kenya

  2. Ken Kamau, NEAR Kenya (Technical Judge)

  3. Charles Lusweti, Head, Youth in Agriculture Unit, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development

  4. Simon Mwinzi, Regional AgroEconomist Consultant

  5. Rehema Khimulu, Policy Analyst / SDG 2 Consultant

  6. Ruth Muendo, Impact Manager, Food4Education

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